Winter Tips and Hacks

Winter Tips and Hacks

Foggy interior windshields

It is not up to the weather of your residential area. In case you want to stay at a pleasant temperature within your car, you should deal with a problem called “foggy windshields”. If you live in a cold place like Iceland, you daily turn the heater of your car on in order to be in a place where you won’t get a caught instantly. This may turn into the presence of foggy windshields and consequently, worsening vision while driving. Quite the opposite, in case you live in a Caribbean country you probably use the air conditioning all the time as this may result in identical problems in the outside of the windshield. The team of strongly recommends maintaining the temperature within your car to the lowest possible level compared to the temperature outside.

Put socks on your windshield wipers

At first, it may sound a little shocky but actually, it is a common hack for preventing your windshield wipers from freezing. Before putting socks, check that you had already raised the windshield wipers. As soon as you provide yourself with a pair of old socks (we are sure you have a plenty of them), you would be a few steps away from the catastrophic consequences of the harsh winter on your car.

Preventing frozen keyholes and doors

The team of suggests some tips for preventing the keyholes and doors of your car from getting defrost:

  • tips against defrosted keyholes – it can be very shocking to find that the keyhole of your car is defrosted, especially when you are already late on work. A useful suggestion is to put a magnet for the night. But that requires a preliminary plan to check the weather forecast in winters. You can put the key of your car into vaseline and then try to unlock several times. Usually, the end is satisfactory after several efforts;
  • tips against defrosted car doors – there are lots of useful sprays against freezing on the market. So, visit the nearest shop or petrol station and buy one.

Easy ways to put on winter chains

Few of us have lived in places where tyre chains are needed. But if you reside in a northern snowy town, out of the way from human civilization, then you should learn the tips of for proper installation of your tyre chains:

  • turn your hazard lights and be sure you are in a safe place;
  • identify the proper tyres;
  • take the chains and untangle them;
  • place them on the tyre;
  • connect the red hook and the cable;
  • merge the diamond shape;
  • merge the red chain on the bottom.

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