When to Put on Winter Tires

When to Put on Winter Tires

Do not wait too long

“Patience is a good virtue” could not be your mantra when it comes to changing your tires on time. Everybody of us has lived in a world where time is the most important asset and investing a little bit for such a boring job could make you procrastinate too much. Get organized and include in your agenda the installation of your brand new tires.

Safety Issues

Winter is a season with a high intensity of car accidents. The black statistics talk for themselves. It is a pity to neglect that problem and to continue driving unreasonably and without taking measures. Every single driver takes responsibility for what it is now happening on the roads. The team of renault.com.tw recommends driving always below the permitted speeds and use appropriate tires of the season.

Is there a recommended temperature

There is no right time for installation of your winter tires. Different manufacturers give preferences to various temperatures, so be aware when purchasing your winter tires and get informed about the preferences for usage. In general, the appropriate time for installation of your winter tires is approximately 7 degrees. This is the temperature when your summer tires start losing grip, braking ability is reduced as well as the overall performance of the car including safety issues. The team of renault.com.tw suggests abiding all recommendations for usage in order to get benefit from the best of your tires.

How about winter tire tread

Renault.com.tw is going to give a brief description of what exactly tread is. It is an essential index for the safety of your winter tires. The main function is to improve the performance of the vehicle in harsh winter conditions, even on icy roads. Tread of winter tires as well facilitates the proper escaping of water in humid and wet roads.


It does not matter whether your car is rear-wheel or front-wheel drive, the installation to all 4 positions of winter tires is significantly important. For instance, if you mount tires only on the front, then it is likely to lose the traction of rear tires when making turns or just pushing the brake pedal. You may think that you are going to save some cash by purchasing only two winter tires but remember that in harsh winter conditions it is definitely not worth taking additional risks when it comes to your safety. The team of renault.com.tw is asking for higher awareness on behalf of all drivers. So, plan your budget sooner and set aside some money for purchasing a decent set of winter tires.

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