Prepare your Car for Spring

Prepare your Car for Spring

At first – tires

Are you ready for the spring? We guess no if we consider the current condition of your car. Perhaps you feel embarrassed to confess that you are still using your winter set of tires, although the temperatures outside soon are going to hit 20 C. Do not worry you are not the first either the last one to neglect his car. The team of strongly recommends paying attention to your tires. If you intend to use your winter tires during spring, then be aware that they are going to wear much faster as they consist of softer materials. What you need when the temperatures get high is tires with a harder surface. So, do not think twice but follow the advice of and spend some money on a decent qualitative set of summer tires.

Secondly – fluids

In general, there are seven types of fluids, We are not going to observe in details each of them but to provide you with common information:

  • brake fluid – it enhances the power of your brakes. Pay attention if the colour of the fluid gets dark, then it is time for a change;
  • air conditioning coolant – “coolant” refers to freon or refrigerant, when temperatures get high, visit a mechanic to check its level. In order to check it on your own, purchase a special air conditioning gauge;
  • washer fluid – it has nothing to do with your engine but it is still essential for the windscreen while driving;
  • radiator fluid – it can maintain your engine from superheating. So, it is another essential fluid;
  • transmission fluid – maintaining for it can prevent you from further problems. Its function is to keep lubricated the transmission. The easiest way to understand whether it needs a change is to check for a specific smell or presence of participles;
  • power-steering fluid – it enhances the work of the car’s wheel.

We are going to present in details the next fluid (oil) in the next paragraph as the most important fluid of all for the proper wok of your car.

Thirdly – oil and filters

The most essential of all fluids is oil. Its function is to keep lubricated all parts that are responsible for the motion of your car. The team of suggest an easy way to check the level of your oil:

  • get your car and drive for 10-15 minutes;
  • wait for some time to cool;
  • then open the car’s hood;
  • find and pull the dipstick with a ribbon;
  • check the oil level – there should be a line that indicates the minimum level;
  • in case it is low, check our your type of oil and fill additionally.

Other Issues

Tires and fluids may be issues with higher importance but you should also consider checking your battery, belts and blades. Never neglect any of these parts because you know the old saying that “the tiny things could upset the apple cart”. So everything under the hood of your car should be in perfect balance.

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