How to Organize a Car

How to Organize a Car


Have you ever been in a dirty and messy car and felt so disgusted even to touch the backseats with your fingertips? Never do that with your car. Instead of neglecting the hygiene, you should consider weekly cleanup of your second home. The team of strongly recommends cleaning your car during the weekends when you have plenty of time. You can look for professional help and leave your car for an hour in the nearest carwash centre, or you can do it on your own. The latter choice will bring you much more satisfaction. Of course, it is better to live in a house with a garage. In case, you own such, suggest the following quick steps to clean your car:

  • wash the dirt out of the surface of the car with a hose;
  • use a sponge and clean again the whole surface;
  • repeat step 1 to leave the foam;
  • do not forget to pay special attention to the tires and the wheel rims. Both of them, especially tires should be cleaned regularly;
  • get inside the car and take the mats for cleaning;
  • then move on with the cleaning machine;
  • do not forget the mirrors;
  • pay special attention to the dashboard using a special spray;
  • your car is cleaned and you are ready to swagger in front of your friends.

Essentials for your Glove Compartment

Organizing your glove compartment is important in order to have all urgent necessities. Of course, it is a matter of your personal choice but the team of is going to suggest you a list with some essential “attendees” :

  • phone charger – may be considered the most important by some of you and perhaps it is as when you have a low battery, it can turn to be your life saver in unforeseen obstacles;
  • medicine kit – just get the most important pills like aspirin, allergy pills and etc. You never know when you will need them, especially when you set on a long journey with children;
  • pen and paper – you may have to stop on a forbidden area for a minute, then leave your phone number on a list, that will save you some insults and further problems;
  • tissues – hygiene is an issue that should not be neglected even in your car. Imagine you touch the dirty gasoline hose and afterwards, you intend to eat your sandwich with these hands;
  • a map – forget about GPS, it sometimes makes some mistakes. You should have a road map in any case, unless you do not want to get to a lake which Google Maps describe as a new highway;
  • bags – for any case, you need bags – for shopping, for keeping your garbage, even in case of an instant puking. You do not want to have a dirty car after all.

Organizing your glove compartment is not the only place in your car that needs organizing but it is the one that takes no time to do it. We hope that the tips of were pretty useful for you. Have a nice journey and be prepared for every scenario on the road.

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